Where we are now?!

Wow who would have thought a simple idea and a couple machines would turn into where we are now.

Going into our 6th year of business so much has come across for us. In the beginning we started out making some of the forgotten parts for the Axial XR10. That brought the desire to release carbon fiber wheels for the hardcore. From there we started designing and producing our own 2.2S Shafty chassis and brought our un-Stuck line of crawler parts to the class.

History speaks the rest for us after that. The incredible support of the crawling community brought the name Krazed to the minds of many. Our first year of shafty chassis’s brought an incredible following. With that following we were driven to push the original to a second version called the Gen2. With a National title won it really showed us the hard work was worth it and brought over 200 of the Gen2 chassis sold.

Out side the box, thats generally where we always look for things. What do we believe in and how could it help drivers. Any company can make parts just to sell, we have kept to our core as a racer/competitor. If we dont believe in it then it doesnt see out catalog. Sure we will make anything we can and our willingness to do side work has proven that. But as for our own product lines, it just has to feel that your money spent is worth the success of the part.

We ventured into the go fast buggy world with parts for the Schumacher cars, the Associated cars and even the random Losi pieces. We even came out with our own kit to convert the popular B64 into a Forward weight style chassis. That project was a blast for us! So many good drivers out there jumped on them and really showed us what the kits could do. It was absolutely incredible to see our little shop succeed in a spot outside our comfort zone. So far outside we had 3 kits in the JConcepts Turf Nationals A-main for 13.5 class. Stack that with multiple wins for many of the drivers.

Where are we going from here? Theres so many projects we would love to do and we are, it just takes a little time to get them rolling. Scale chassis – yup its on the planner.

We have been sitting on a design and diddling with it for about 3 years now. Not all rock crawling is the same and we arent rushing to bring things to the catalog. So far we have finally found a happy spot that we feel comfortable with and have our test truck built.

New chassis to the un-Stuck line with our Pneuma. Complete ground up redo for us we went after the growing popularity of portal axles. Breaking out our notes from years prior some may say we saw it coming. So far sales and drivers comments have been all positive and we have a big name to live up to. This is definitely a project we keep learning from and we know can deliver some great hardware again at comps.

Side projects are awesome and we love them. Nothing helps break up the monotony of just doing the same old work better then side work. Its something we love because its different stuff, peoples ideas and dreams brought to reality. From parts for boats to even drifters, it has been great working on all these projects and meeting some great people along the way.

What more do we have? Oh theres a lot more on the planner and a lot more years we know of doing this. Its all because of the great support from our customers we do it. Making parts for ourselves, ya we can do that and enjoy it. Making parts for others that truly enjoy what we have, thats what makes it exciting.

Thank you to all our customers and supporters – we really love the growth you have allowed us and the opportunities to bring you more things.

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