Whats New?!

Whats New?!

We are living in some odd times right now. Many things lay uncertain globally for us Americans and our International friends. What is the new normal going to look like? In our hobby we worry about our hobby shops, tracks and businesses that keep the parts supply available. We have to also think about each other.

I’m not going to get political in this or drag it out with my own personal opinions. Instead more that we are all in this together. Be patient with each other. Look out for what you can do to help someone else. The little things we do now can go a long way in changing how we all interact and act towards each other.

Clean those parts boxes out, look for ways to help bring those parts to others that can use them. Support your local hobby shops! This is the most important thing we can do right now. In this day and age internet mail orders are stronger then ever, that we cant deny. Those mail order places don’t have the overhead nor do they have the ability to get you that part you need the same day.

For you racers think about it this way. The tracks are closed, is getting that part through mail order worth it when you don’t have a track to go to? Wait that extra day or two and talk to your hobby shops. See when you can go get it. Call them and see if they can order it. Give them the chance to get you the part. Your mail box is not going to get you on the track faster but it will be the contributing factor to your track closing its doors.

Being a racer at heart and a crawler based company we know the battles of ‘odd’ parts. We as competitors and fabricators are mixing pieces from, sometimes, weird combinations. Its the part of the hobby many of us enjoy but also realize our local shops probably don’t have it on their parts wall. I still push give them the time to get it. Call them and see if they can order it. Give them the sale! We don’t need the shops to be open to go use our crawlers but we do need them to be open to help the hobby. Think of what you can do for the hobby, not just yourself.

Clubs – get involved with your clubs. Keep helping them to stay active during this time. Comps are tough for us because many of them are on public or State run land. Look for ways to help your clubs keep the activity together. Whether is hosting an event on your own private property or even just helping to go out and scout new areas. Go for a hike and enjoy the outside safely while looking for new spots. Keep the forums alive with interaction or self promotion about the clubs history. Again all this is not just for you but its for the hobby.

Be safe everyone – we will get back to some level or normal-ness again.

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