Spring is bringing new things

With winter still in our mix here in New England and our racing season almost behind us its time to start gearing up on our rock crawling. 2015 was a great start up year for us with crawling parts, 12scale racing and even bringing our designs into the SK class of oval racing.


Files are all drawn and we have new things coming as well as some re-tweaked things for the crawler fans. With in the next couple weeks we will be releasing two new wheel designs. We are excited about these and have gotten some great feedback from the early releases we did for clubs as promo items.

We also have a third wheel design that will be going out to our team drivers for testing soon too. We’re really looking forward to feedback and release when we know they meet our standards of abuse testing.

Another update was our XR upper link mounts, one of our best sellers for such a small item we saw room for improvements. First was toughing up the edges a little more. Being CF and rock rash we did see some chips and faults so we decided to take them from 2mm to 3mm cf. We also added some material to the front of the mount helping to increase strength and rigidity. Doing this we went back to the geometry of them also.  We believe these changes will yield better weight transfer and balance in a multitude of chassis’ out there.

On a personal team note I know I am excited to be seeing my second season coming up. After taking 3 years off and coming back to incredible changes I feel great with everything about my truck. Running some great Krazed Builds add on’s mixed in with some SMW machine work and the 5th Dimension Dominator chassis’ this is really gonna be another great year for me.

Keep an eye out here for more updates and release’s coming ……. the next few weeks is gonna be great!


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