Schumacher Cat L1 Shock Towers

Schumacher Cat L1 shock towers are landing this week. We took the popular S2 shock tower many drivers are using and brought them out in 4mm Carbon Fiber

The towers have a been a choice for many on carpet and astro turf  for landing those big jumps. By lowering the towers you gain that little extra dampening when landing some big air. You also  get the center of gravity lower with them.

They have been only available, that we know of, by Schumacher in fiberglass. Fiberglass adds a little bit of a flex characteristic to them but as many probaly know, breaks easy. So we were asked by some if we could make a carbon fiber version. And like many of our products we knew it was something racers could benefit from and not just look good.

4mm Thick Carbon Fiber, CNC Cut and all the geometry of the stock towers. Plus to add on to that now you have a stiffer stronger tower that can be used as a tuning tool to tighten that end of the car up a bit more. Its really like getting 5 things all in one little part, the 5th of course being sexy carbon fiber.

Check them out in our store. Fronts and Rears are listed and we will admit, we stole Amain’s picture for now until we get ours uploaded.

But we will give a little shot of the front tower installed …….

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