Racers Report Achievements Part 2

Racers report part 2 for the Mugen drivers. My Schumacher report ran long so didn’t want to drag that out. But also didn’t want to leave the Mugen part success silent either.

Where to start? Lets go with the carbon fiber chassis we been trying to keep up with demand on. Originally we came out with our first version that was performing well. After a friendly push to use our center flex design in it we improved our own product. Kim from Exeter Speedway in CA didn’t give up on wanting it and after some CAD time we gave him a tester. Exeter Speedway is located in sunny California and gave him the perfect test grounds for it.

With his we also sent one out to Marcos in Florida at the same time. Both of them hit me up that Saturday after getting them and their words were the same. “Nailed It!” was the comment I got from both. The goal was similar to what I found in the Schumacher’s, corner speed and power off corners with out losing front traction. From there Marcos moved onto the X4 platform but sold his car to another driver who gave me feed back of wanting a second one. Kim’s feedback came in the form of multiple drivers around him wanting one.

With that I decided to discontinue the original version and move to the center flex as our primary product. The sales and love for it has been tremendous. Another local driver to Kim by the name of Tim Perez has been sweeping up wins with his in 17.5 and 21.5 at events he’s been racing as well.

Another idea Exeter Speedway brought to us wanting was the braced arms. The initial idea was to make them out of 4mm and mill down the pivot ball spots. After some time staring at the arms I decided the stock 3mm would be better. I felt the bracing more central to the shock and droop screws would really benefit over where another manufacturer put them.

Again the general thought is the flex would benefit asphalt. But as we found out from Kim testing on a treated track the benefit was seen even on asphalt. Med/High bite asphalt really let the design shine and videos showed it. A much flatter car through the corner demonstrating less scrub and more stability.

Kim got me in touch with an accomplished carpet driver wanting a set. We sent a set to Brandon Clements of Cry Baby Racing to try. I followed his results at the ROAR Carpet Nationals and saw pictures of the arms on his car. They gave him a firmer feel from the car helping it square up better in the corners. The results cemented our confidence in them even more.

Both the chassis and the arms have really been a fast moving product for us. From carpet to asphalt both have produced some podiums for many. California has brought wins and TQ’s for Kim and Tim @ Exeter Speedway as well as Clint Riley with TQ’s. I even got feedback from Starling Gibson at the Roar Asphalt Regionals in Florida of his 21.5 A-main 4th place finish. Almost every weekend brings conversations of A-main podiums and personal improvements from drivers.

Onto the high bite alloy chassis we offer now. Brandon got in touch with me again about a chassis possibly stiffer then the stock one to try. He had the Mile High Race coming up and really wanted to push the car above his own achievements. I was more then happy to do one up. Again, this is never about me making something just to sell. If he tested it and said there wasn’t any gain then I really wouldn’t push to produce it. Being a small company it comes down to inventory and material dollars. I would rather put it into something drivers can gain from then hang it on the wall waiting.

Everything he told me was opposite of what I thought. It was something he could feel was better for his conditions and style. I instantly ordered up material for some batches after seeing his A-main performance against some tough drivers. He really kept on pace with the big guns that were at the Mile High race. Finishing 5th amongst drivers like Keven Hebert, Alex Hagberg and Kemp Anderson he didn’t leave anything on the bench.

Results like that brought another MTC2 product to our catalog. The high bite 7075 T6 alloy chassis. Narrower then stock and using our center flex idea again. Great job to all the drivers listed and those I didnt. Its results and feedback like theirs that keep the fire alive to improve when possible over stock designs.

Ill drop some photo bombs of these drivers cars for admiration.

Brandons Mile High Car
Brandons thoughts on the Braced Arms
Starling Gibson Car – CF chassis with Braced Arms

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