New Parts

Never sitting idle we have some new parts to showcase.

First is our Brass Lipo Weight cut to fit inside the Lipo pocket on our Eclipse5i inline kit. Designed to sit under your lipo and inside the milled pocket. Being only .5mm thick and weighing 14grams this plate can help lower CG and bring the car up to minimal weight.

This is designed and cut for our pocket which is 6mm longer then other cars with lipo baskets. It can fit others with flat inline chassis or Touring cars running shorty packs. It can also be modified with minimal dremel work to fit A12 and Roche P12V cars.

Available on our site: Eclipse5i Brass Lipo Weight

Our other release is more of an update to our Eclipse4 chassis kit. We updated our design to use a pivot change that has worked well on our E510 chassis kits. This will now use the stock front plate and all other stock pieces but come with a new bumper and rear lower pod.

We shortened the front edge of the chassis by 3mm and pulled the sides in to help with carpet clearance in corners. We also trimmed up the rear area to shave some grams off the overall weight. By moving the rear pivot back we found this generated more natural steering in the car. This helps dial back the dual rate in the radio needed for steering and causing the inner front tire to scrub corner speeds.

Kit comes with our quality carbon fiber chassis, a new 3mm rear lower pod and a new front bumper. The front bumper keeps the body mounts at their stock location so you can use existing bodies. This was the kit used in the GT12RT class at the 2023 NYGP @360v2 for TQ and our drivers finishing 2nd and 9th in the A-main.

Check it out at our site: KBclipse410 Chassis Kit

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