Mugen on a podium

Not that we haven’t seen a Mugen on a podium before, the car has quickly proved its potential. I wanted to take a moment to give a shout to 2 drivers running our MTC2 chassis on their cars.

Marcos Jennings and Lee Keslar, both of these Florida drivers have been testing and tuning for some time now on theirs.

Marcos Jennings has been a great drive behind the feedback I’ve gotten on the Mugen chassis as well as another car. Before the Mugen he was driving a Schumacher Mi7 around with our parts. He was key in helping fine tune our chassis designs for that kit. Luckily with the Mugen and what we learned from the Mi7 I was able to pretty much wrap 1 design into it. This helped getting a performing chassis out quick. It also helps with working to test other items for the car, always digging for that tenth.

Last weekend, Sept 26th, Florida had its 1st race of the FSEARA Point series. It brought some heavy hitting drivers to the game for Florida Valkaria RC Raceway. With over 100 entries they opted to only running 2 qualifiers instead of the normal of 3 at this raceway. That out the drivers under a little crunch to not make mistakes.

For Marcos it was little gremlins on the qualifiers. First round smacked him with a blown spur. Running through the second round he felt the speed just wasn’t there. Come to find a bad sensor wire was sending the esc into blinky mode as a fail safe. Sitting 2nd in the B-main after fixing the car he was able to pull a B-main win that was on pace for an A-main spot. Sometimes it just happens this way racing.

Switching over to the Express Stock TC Class. Not to take anything away from any class but Stock classes really bring attention to me. For drivers in this class .01 on the clock can be the difference between corner speed and a win. A little more on power exit speed or even steering can make or break a run. Driver patience and an efficient car is the best package in my opinion.

Starting 10th on the grid for the A-main in Express Stock was Lee Keslar and his MTC2 with Krazed Builds Chassis. Six minutes for a main gives a driver a long time to plan things out. Keep your cool and let things play out. When the buzzer sounded Lee was able to secure himself a 3rd place on the podium for the day.

Congrats to both drivers! Cant wait to see the comeback runs at the next series race.

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