Mugen MTC2

I don’t really know how to start this one off. The Mugen MTC2 has been out for almost a year now I believe and it came to the gate like a winner. With a driver most recognized around the world it seemed racers knew this was going to be a title winner. Quickly as kits rolled out and racers began getting them tuned, the MTC2 proved the hype right. Im no professional myself but having raced against a couple of these cars I can say beating them or chasing them, is no easy day.

Being a designer also brings the hair raising questions of what can we do?! We worked on the chassis design for some time with another driver who had success on our Mi7 designs. Taking his notes from asphalt and our success on carpet with ideas we put out our first aftermarket MTC2 chassis. Feedback was positive and sales for a small company have been very well.

We thought we were happy, good to go on a solid design. Then drivers started asking about our ‘center flex’ design from the Mi7. Could we put that onto the Mugen? Little break down on our center flex. I came up with it last season after trying some other ideas leading to it. Racing on black carpet consistently I was able to gauge the design changes along the way. The center flex was an idea I got after trying to free the center of the corner up and take some tension off the drive train. Stock racing is tight already and anywhere I can achieve efficiency Im all over it. Our center flex was faster per lap, dropped our top 15 times down and ran a more consistent end showing we didnt drop the batteries as much.

The problem I had originally with the MTC2 was the spur pocket and that it was asphalt drivers asking for it in CF. Being that the Mi7 chassis is only done in 7075 T-6 I wasnt trustful about a CF flex in the middle of the chassis. It had nothing to do with our material and trust in it. Those who have driven our material or seen it know this isnt cheap resin core filled sheets. But as more drivers came to me I started thinking of ideas.

Then we got a driver from the CA area that wanted that extra step to shake things up. He had access to a dedicated track and was eager to push some boundaries on design. Lets see what we can do was my response. After playing with some of my original designs I went back to some early notes on another. I was pretty confident in what I felt was gonna take the abuse of crashes but also give that push over the top. To the mill I went for two of them.

Sending out two chassis I knew was gonna be good for honest feedback. One on the east coast and the other to the west coast. They both got theirs on the same Friday and by Saturday they were driving and texting me with Amazement. We’re not talking a tenth of a second faster, it was multiple tenths from both drivers on opposite coasts. After that it was media frenzy to me about how to get one.

Well waiting on cargo ships to get here, material to land and parts already waiting for other cars, I knew I had to push quick. With that I decided to do a Pre-Order Sale for the MTC2 Center Flex versions.

I will be putting them up on the site this week to pre-order. They will be 10 spots for them at 80$ plus s/h each and then normal price of 100$ each. Material will be here by Dec 17th and I will get them cut as soon as it lands. Normally I can get 4 chassis cut per night so with in a couple days I will have them done and shipping. After the pre-orders are in I will keep our normal inventory amounts in stock.

I truly appreciate all the support and strong interests in our projects and products. For me this isn’t a job or business, its a way of bringing my passion to parts drivers can use. Keep an eye open on here and Facebook for the pre-order opening up.

As a Thank You for everything I will also be sending out Free a custom printed 30mm fan mount. These mounts wrap around the motor to help keep it in place and maximize air flow.

Again Thank you all for the support.

Couple teasers 🙂

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