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What have we been working on outside of our normal production?

Wow – it been a crazy start to 2020 outside of this pandemic we are living through. Business has been strong and we have all of you to Thank for that. The continued support going into our 6th year is incredible and very much appreciated. So what have we been tinkering with or whats new to us?

Well first I will say Krazed Builds has become part of a great team of drivers. Team Brood Racing motors has been in business since the early 90’s with National Titles. Back before the brushless days we had to build our own motors and maintain them. You found your motor guys who had that certain touch to speed. It wasnt just about putting brushes in them and hoping they were fast, tuners spent countless hours custom tuning them to drivers. Sleepless nights at big events not even racing, just tuning.

Team Brood was one of them and for over the last 10 years has brought that winning knowledge to us in brushed crawler motors. There are a lot of brushed motors out there. But how many are out there tuning and building with options so we get what we want? Driver confidence? Absolutely with every motor and we are excited to have that confidence in our crawlers!

Thank you Team Brood!

Ok so what else? How about a scale chassis? Yes thats right we may be a ‘comp’ based driver/company but we know scale as well. Its been a few years in the back burner of thoughts but its coming alive now. With the rise on the Performance Scale class we think its right to bring out and start testing a few concepts we have had in the CAD files. But dont let that steer you that its only for P-Scale. Our project goal is to bring P-Scale and Class 2, or 2.5 depending on whos rules, into one chassis. Performance is top line for goals but the ability to build a points driven Scale rig is goal number 2.

3D Printed products – we are always looking for new ideas and trying new parts ourselves. Having 2 efficient FLM printers of our own we have been able to design, prototype and test so many new things first. Doing this has really helped us bring concepts to realities. It has also brought us the ability to bring those designs to you through sites like Shapeways and i.Materialise in SLA printed nylons.

The introduction of the Capra from Axial really tickled our insides for new designs. Some may remember our portal truck from 2018 and probably even questioned our reasons then. The Capra, we think, has really pushed something we believed years before …. Portal axles are use able.

We jumped quick with our Alcista conversion chassis. Keeping to our business model we brought a colorful yet economical kit to new drivers wanting to test 2.2S class. Low cost reliable G10 material in colors, direct bolt onto a Stock Capra skid, add 2.2 tires and a lexan body. Use the tools you already have and see if comp crawling is something you like. Us doing what helps the sport grow!

On the flip side of our business models we have the company core, bringing competition parts that push the bar higher. Our Pnuema chassis kit was designed from 2 years of notes on portal axles and feedback from years of our unStuck chassis’s. Being more of a ‘builders’ kit in true Carbon Fiber it leaves many options available to the drivers. Geometry to work with both portal and OG style axles while fitting transmissions from multiple suppliers for power. Add in a splash of individuality with 3D printing and we really brought a way to step out from the normal.

Those are just a few of the things we have been working out but we wanted to share. Another push is going to be to keep up on entries here. Keep bringing new item information, concepts, hobby news and just more interaction with everyone. Something I would like to do is bring more of our concept ->design ->testing->production posts to here. Let people follow and possibly learn from how we do things and where our products derived from. Trade secrets? No I think we will keep those on our own note pads but I would like to let you follow along on products as we develop them.

Stay Safe Everyone –

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