More test parts ….

So after a big launch on our newest Mugen MTC2 chassis we have more test parts. All of our pre-order chassis have been cut and shipping out this week, right on schedule. First Thank You to everyone for their patience while we got them cut and shipping.

Second – its never easy to just sit still when drivers bring great ideas to ya. We still keep getting feedback from the drivers who already have the chassis. Talking with them its been mentioned about possibly helping the suspension out for different tracks.

Tuning options are always great, not every car is perfect for every track out of the box. Though the MTC2 has proven itself quick theres always a spot for something helpful. Our position has always been to make parts drivers can use, not parts we think drivers will buy.

We got some comments about the arms possibly being slightly stiffer for a firmer/consistent feel when tractions come up. It got us thinking and some parts to copy with a twist. Our ideas came up with an arm that provides a bit more strength out by the shocks and knuckles.

Our test versions are heading out to their drivers and we should hear some feedback within the next couple weeks. Super excited to hear how these work out but we will keep you up to speed on how they’re doing.

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