More parts coming …..

More parts coming for the B64.4F kit as well as our FR4G Slipper Discs for any Team Associated B64.

First we have our new CNC Machined Delrin lower spines for the B64.4F cars. We have been testing these for sometime now. Carpet and Turf have shown to give more favorable corner speeds. By reducing the mid chassis ‘bowing’ effect on landings they help the car settle quicker and drivers to throttle up sooner. We’ve also noticed a smoother transition in the torsional flex on exit allowing the cars to rotate better when returning to throttle.

We’re really excited to be seeing these out now. They are a direct drop in to the cars simply by removing the carbon fiber spines and reusing the screws.

Another small piece we brought to the car was our steering brace only top plate. We found by taking the full upper deck away on turf we could see a smoother corner entry whle letting the car rotate with out hesitation. On high bite carpet tracks we felt like it helped levy some of the aggression to traction roll. Really helped to soften the car up giving it a stable but aggresive feeling.

Note – We dont recommend running this with out upgrading to the Delrin Lower spines. There tends to be too much bow flex mid chassis with out them and can be hard on the thin sluminum steering posts.

Last we bring our long tested FR4G Slipper discs, these things are awesome. Made from a high density FR4 Glass Epoxy Sheet. Giving just the right amount of slippage when needed and an incredible amount of bite forward. We have been running these for some time now and have been very impressed from the start with them. We have added in the offset rows of holes to help in venting any heat build up. Virtually no slipper fade from those big mod motors and easily tuneable slip for those high bite tracks. We think a for sure must have for carpet and turf racing.



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