Mi7 Chassis Sale

Well with anticipation and internet rumors about the next version from Schumacher we decided to blow an Mi7 chassis sale.

Being a small independent company keeping inventory sitting around doesn’t help us or drivers. Time to blow it out and make room for new stuff.

Browse on over to the Store and see what we have left for chassis and Mi7 parts. We also have what we would call blems. Physically nothing wrong with them, cosmetically there is stuff that didn’t pass my QC. Feel free to hit us up for what we have at even deeper discount.

Gonna be another great season for us and the Schumacher, already starting our TQ and Win piles on last years car. Excited for the Mi8 and what we can do with it.

Thank you all for the support this past season and future seasons. RC is my passion and being able to produce winning parts is my way of giving back to it.

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