Looking for Custom Work?

In a hobby where our imaginations can come up with great ideas and great fails it can get hard to find a shop willing to help at least try them. The biggest thing that got us into making parts was the fascination with trying new ideas and tweaks. Problem we had was you can only dremel and drill so much before you finally find that one part that’s good.

Our first machine was bought to make small one off pieces for ourselves and some local racers. Once we got it setup and running we quickly saw the potential in really creating some great things. This brought us to offering that to local racers and some friends known over the crawler community.

Brining our name into the market we began making our own lines of parts. We haven’t forgotten where it started forĀ us though and want to help make it happen for others.

We offer custom cutting of Delrin, G10 and Carbon Fiber with no minimum pieces. Whether you have a file already or need one created we can help you with it. We don’t price you buy the hour and you only pay for what you get, none of this paying for material you don’t use or even get back.

How much you’re asking now? Our prices are simple.

Design time – we sit down and copy your original piece = one time $65.00

You have a file that you give us = one time $30.00

Part expense is rated at material cost and piece count. Lets say you want a rock crawler chassis done from carbon fiber. Knowing what it would use for material you would be looking at around $40.00 for two side plates. Same chassis from G10 material would keep you around $30.00 for the same 2 plates. Pretty simple you think?

We’re not charging any setup fees every time or telling you there’s a minimum. Have parts you want to bring in mass to production? We can help with that too as we already do for others. Working with other vendors in the RCCrawler world we have helped bring continued product to other companies and hobby shops.

Give us a shout today and lets start working on making those ideas happen.


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