Little B64.4F gear diff update

So last week we discovered a little B64.4F gear diff option for drivers. Over the past year we have heard drivers ask about using a gear center diff. Sadly we never found a bone to fit or had the investment to make in such a special piece.

This past week we found an option that we can use and is readily available through another brand. Being that our design in concept is a copy of the Hot Bodies D418 we grabbed a long center bone from that car. It fit perfect for us with plenty of play in and out not to bind on us. 

We spread the word to a fellow dirt racer with the car and he got his hands on one to try at his local clay track. Feedback was great and we were happy to hear there was no seen problems with it. 

We wont be adding it as an option to our kits but we wanted to get the word out about it. You can use the Hot Bodies D418 center bone, part number HB204362. Its available through Hot Bodies directly or Amain Hobbies online. They run roughly 14-16$ depending on who you order it from. 

These are a direct drop in to the front when you want to use a center gear diff in the B64.4F kits.

Thank you to all who support us and help push for improvements and more products. With out all of you these little projects would just remain as dreams. The B64.4F has really proven to be agfressive on carpet and turf. With this option available now we think the car will start to shine for the dirt drivers!

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