KL Designs Berg 8* Vp Knuckles

These were originally brought out to you by KL Designs and we are happy to be able to bring them back.


These are cnc cut from 1/16″ double sided carbon fiber and delrin. There will be two pieces of delrin that sandwich the carbon fiber holder.
The delrin is machined with a few thousands of interference to the weights to ensure a snug fit.

Will include all spacers and stainless hardware to bolt onto your 8* vp knuckles. Spacers are .250 but some may need to adjust that depending on your wheel combos. We saw these as a good starting point to get them installed.

The system weighs less than 1/4 oz but fully loaded (8 weights per side) brings it up to over 4oz per side.

The clearances at full lock are very minimal however I can still max out my 300 cvd’s before the weight system interferes with the c-hubs.

Weights are not supplied

Back In Stock!!

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