January Jam 2024

Want to add my January Jam 2024 setup sheet for the 17.5 class. This setup turned this car into my new favorite for the weekend. We got lucky to get the Saturday before the race for complete practice. This helped myself and other drivers groove the track in and try lots of things.

When we got there in the morning it was a dry track. Lower then Low bite is the best way I could say it. After a couple of warm up runs the car was (as I call it) spooling out on me. Way too much front bite and the spool was not happy. Easy thing to do is throw the diff in but that’s not race worthy, I knew it was small changes just to keep it stable to build the groove.

I put some Schumacher Gold springs on the front and just kept driving it in. As the day went on the track was growing faster. There was a few of us running out there but I was chasing the fast A12 and holding a tenth behind it. I was purely being out driven and to me that’s acceptable. This car was getting faster as the track came in.

When we left the night it was the A12 with the fast lap all day and my lesser experience driving still just a tenth off of him. Running scenarios through my mind as usual on the way home I remembered my springs were still golds. First thing the next morning I put the silvers back on and through a pack in to feel the track out.

Same tires as the night before and the car was on point for me. Cut me some freshies and gave them a few laps with the same pack just to break them in.

Qualifiers were not my friend though. First round the A12 was on 63 lap pace and I was right there behind him. Then traffic and a corner marshals foot. After putting all the electronics back in place and some glue work to the body I went back for round 2. This one was a bit better but playing cautious I worked my way back up to a 5th spot on the grid after a DNF.

The mains I was sitting 5th looking at some hungry drivers but 8 minutes is a pretty long time. Let it play out. By the time we hit the 3 minute mark I had myself up to 3rd and was still playing on the conservative side of the throttle. Once the 5 minute mark hit I started seeing second come into the picture. It was go time and the best way I can describe my throttle is – just a hair less. That was all it was for lifting, just a hair less then full and this car was taking it all.

I was chasing 2 A12’s and one I spent all day practicing with. That wasn’t on the menu, my experience just isn’t up to that level yet for 12scale. Second place though was getting closer and although I was on his bumper I was out driven. I tried everything to rattle him but he drove a clean line. My opportunities showed me this car was capable. I took the hardware for 3rd and couldn’t have been happier with any of the weekend.

This is for sure the best setup I’ve had on this car yet. And I hope it can help some of you find that sweet spot for your driving.

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