How we do it?

Lets start a chapter in How We Do It. Ever wonder where an idea comes from? Wonder how it all starts or how the design is created?

Well we’re going to try our best to bring a little category here showing how we come up with things. From the beginning with what we use to design to the end when we hit the trails to try it.

Wonder how things are ‘test’ fitted or what prototyping is for us? Being a small company we dont have all those fancy machines or shops to run to with ideas. A lot of our stuff simply comes from something breaking or tweaking something we already have.

Prototyping is HUGE for us and having two 3D printers has helped us immensely over the last few years. In the early days it was G10 or Carbon scrap and hope we nailed the design right the first time. Now with printers to help us we are able to try things before cutting.

We will dive more into that later but for our first leg in this adventure we will fire things up with the design side.

Keep on the look out for our ‘lets draw some circles’ part of the designing.

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