Gen2 un-Stuck takes the season opener win

Well some slow updates for our Gen2 but things are getting pretty exciting around here. April brought our rainy wet annual season opener at Rock Island in Norwich, CT. Weather was def not in our favor but we werent gonna let that hold us back.

Truck was great though on the wet rocks where other slid and fought for traction the Gen2 seemed to dig a little more down and grab the rocks. We actually had two of our proto types out wrestling around. We were fortunate to get one of our vacationing team drivers back out and he loved everything about his truck including taking the 3rd spot home with him.

But the boss’s truck was the top spot for the day taking down both course wins and the bragging rights for the day. Overall it was a good day for the Krazed un-Stucks taking the top 3 spots with an original un-Stuck sitting in 2nd. Yup even the original had the fight in her.

Little snap of the bosses Gen2 ……… release dates coming soon for our Upgrade kits and Complete chassis kits.

Boss mans Gen2 un-Stuck

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