Exeter RC Speedway

This past weekend Exeter RC Speedway in Exeter California hosted its Asphalt War Rnd #2 event. With almost 100 entries for its event the show was going to be something to watch all day. Now I wasn’t there, wish the travel days were still in me, but I felt the report I got from it needed some noticing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the track, here’s a link to their site. https://exeterrcspeedway.com/

Here’s the link as well to the race day times hosted from LiveRC – https://exeterrcspeedway.liverc.com/results/

Congrats to Tim Perez for TQ and Winning both the 21.5 TC A-main and the 17.5 TC A-main. Tim has been giving some hard driving for a lot of locals around him with his MTC2’s running the Krazed Builds CF Chassis and the CF braced arms on asphalt. The word I got was Tim just drove away from everyone and never looked back. Great Driving!!!!

Also fastest Open Mod car out there this weekend was track owner himself Kim Melgar. The only driver it looks that broke into the 10’s for lap times all weekend. Looks like Kim had a rough start off the line from some traffic behind him. Starting in the P3 spot and going to the last spot off the horn he drove like a man on a mission. Digging away he pulled it right back up to finishing in the Second place for some hardware. Great job keeping it cool up there – 5 minutes is a long time and you made it count.

Congrats too to all the drivers for showing up and supporting Exeter RC Speedway. I only know of it through Kim and the pictures but you can tell he really cares about providing a top notch place to race.

Some pictures of the podiums for these guys. Thank you for the support Krazed Builds has gotten, it feels real good seeing drivers smile with our products.

Open Mod TC
21.5 TC
17.5 TC

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