Custom Fabrication and Design

Have an idea but need a designer?

Have some thing designed but don’t have the equipment to make it?

Let Us Help!

Lets face it, when our machines aren’t running it gets pretty quiet around the shop. We offer out all our normal services to side work.

CNC Router table with 24”x16”x3” cutting area

Specializing in:

Carbon Fiber


G10 Fiberglass

Soft Aluminum’s


We have the ability to supply your job with our material or have you drop ship us material and save yourself some money.

Need some 3D prototyping work done, we can do that also. Printing in the popular PLA and PETG materials we also have the ability to print in Carbon Fiber filament. Need something designed for a Shapeways part you want made? Using Autocad Inventor we are able to design it up, test in our own Shapeway’s store for acceptance and provide you with the files for your own printing.

We know job sizes vary, not all projects are going to take the same amount of time. Because of this we don’t believe in one flat rate by the hour or by the job. We have the experience to know pretty much right at the time what a job can cost. With that we are able to work closer and quicker with you for estimates. Plus with all services being in house we are able to get the best price possible no matter how big the job.

We can work with you on all aspects and even help you bring your own products to production.

No more sitting there with a dremel trying to reproduce that piece everyone wants.

From RC Cars to RC Boats and even non RC related projects, we can work with it all.

Check us out on Instagram @krazedbuilds and see some of our production level jobs as well as side work for others.

Getting a quote is simple, just give us an Email to or simply use the Contact Us link at the bottom. Give us a brief description of what you are looking to get done and we will get back to you.

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