Been a little quiet around here But ….

Been a little quiet around here lately but we havent been realxing too much. Winter has shown its face to us New Englander’s again moving us to the indoor events. Only 2 months into our indoor season and things are already exciting.

Top of the list, rock crawlers. As some may notice our web store has changed around a bit and continues to change. Some may be wondering and I will answer it now. No we are not closing – selling or getting out of crawlers. Its more of a lateral direction shift. We have come out with some really great crawler products over the years and our customer base is so much more then we could have thought. We truly appreciate all the support over the last 4 years and we arent giving up on it. Some of the product just simply isnt what people are looking for anymore. Some of the product was brought on as a way to fill a void and some was original or brought back from others with permission.

I felt strong with the product we provided – if I didnt feel it was beneficial then I wasnt just gonna make something to get peoples money. Over the years theres been countless oppurtunities to produce parts others felt ‘would be cool to have’. Some look at me funny when I tell them its not about ‘cool’ stuff, its about ‘how can that part make it better’ for me. So while you may not see new cool things for crawlers coming out it doesnt mean we walked away either. There will be crawler parts and more down the road.

Now onto what has been keeping us busy – Indoor Off-Road. Wow is really how I can sum it up. Competition is so close this year its been incredible. Our B64.4F drivers are right there in the top mix every week. We have two great team drivers who keep pushing their way through and I definately want to recognize them. Steve Fiume and Justin Walts – together this gives us two incredible racers with more combined years racing then I think I can ever achieve. Weekly these two guys are just pushing drivers to step up their games, just incredible to watch.

So with our increase in the 4wd world and our name becoming seen and know it has really pushed us to up our program. For myself I’ve signed on with Sworkz and their new S14-3 4wd car and Im super excited. This is kind of a double duty for me as I keep developing and producing our B64.4F kits and help to develop the Sworkz name with their new kit. For the drivers with our conversion kits – I AM HERE! For the Sworkz car – I AM HERE!

Its really gonna be an incredible winter for Krazed Builds and the new corner we are going into. Thank you to all our customers – we truly love the support. More to come streamlined soon as we update our pictures, inventory and website with things.




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