Another Direction

Being a racer at heart is always hard when you try to focus on one corner of the hobby and have the tools to make some cool stuff. Being a business owner and a parent makes you choose your personal level of racing but always for the right choices. Lets say the traveling racing days are over but for all the best reasons, being a Dad.

But this doesnt mean we cant throw our minds into the design style for the racers who still get out there and want some carbon fiber bling parts. So we got our hands on the newest Team Associated B64 and with in a couple days we had it together and the concepts brewing.

First I must say what an impressive car. I had owned the B44 when it came out and liked the design then but wow, it really looks like Associated did some homework on this one. The parts quality as always is top notch, amazing how far materials have come over the years. Having been in this hobby for over 30 years Im pretty confident in my building abilities but I still used the directions just to be sure. The illustrations were great and really showed the detailed orientation to parts. I will admit though, I did put the steering links on backwards LOL but caught it before any track appearances.

So theres not much to really show just yet or talk about but I can tell you we have the files and material for some worthy carbon fiber parts. So far we have battery hold down, floating servo brackets and adjustable steering arms and shock towers on the way too.  We will definitely have some pics coming in the next couple weeks showcasing us getting our feet wet in the 4wd world. Lot of excitement in the shop over this.

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