A little down time

As 2023 starts off we have a little down time coming in the next couple of weeks. 2022 changed a lot of things in the real world for everyone globally. With all those changes came incredible growth for us. Eight years of doing what we do has brought incredible achievements to us. From rock crawlers to the racing side it has been amazing. We never say it enough but Thank You to everyone who has supported our various product lines.

Towards the end of 2022 we started looking further down the road. The growth we saw the last 2 years told us it was time to plan ahead. And Bigger goals of what we wanted to do.

Those goals are coming together better then I could have anticipated in all honesty. For the last 8 years I have run Krazed Builds out of the basement of my house. This all started out as a side gig designing and making parts that drivers wanted. Never was it about creating a catalog of parts just to sell stuff. Those who have used out parts before know the close attention I put to their quality. As well as only pushing what we felt was worth a drivers time. Yes at times we have had our blemishes like any company does. We have always pushed harder to correct them. I always believe in correcting errors and learning from them. Sometimes that’s tougher then the creation side of things but the support keeps showing me it doesn’t go unseen.

With that push to bring worthy parts and wanting to expand on existing products I truly outgrew my basement. We have grown from one machine for CF and Alloy to now 2 over the past 6 months. Expanding on our 3D printing with 3 printers as well as bringing in 4 Resin printers for fast prototyping. Add in my own desire to still race and push myself to be better and faster.

With that and the current housing market it became the perfect equation to sell. I started planning ahead for what was going to be needed.

I can say this now since the days are close. We sold my house and have found an incredible place to replant ourselves. I cant say much more then the days of dwelling around a cramped area are coming to a new beginning. The space we found is already planned in my head to open up so much more for us. Inventory wise and restock abilities are my primary focus, bringing the product back quicker for less down time. My second goal is to really focus into more product development in the Touring Car and GT12 scene.

With that being said we will be shutting the store ordering ability down Jan 31’st and shipping all orders out by Feb 3rd. The machines will be torn down for the move right after that. I anticipate, and will push, bringing them back up running by the end of May. What ever we have for inventory will be available by direct contact through our Facebook page. Once inventory is out though we wont have restock coming until the machines are back up and calibrated in. Keeping our hands on product we unfortunately dont farm out our products.

Myself and My Team, again, say Thank You all for the support and understanding. Once we are back up and running I will be sure to make the announcement. I will also try to gather some photos showing our new location. This really is an incredible achievement that wouldn’t be possible for the company with out the racer support.

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