2.2RS – Rock Stock Class

Krazed Builds is proud to announce that ECRC Crawlers will be bringing the 2.2RS Class to their events for 2016!

This is going to be huge! We are so excited to bring this and have ECRC Crawlers on board to be our first premier host. Be sure to check out their clubs website at ECRC Crawlers Club Site



2.2RS (Ready Stock) is designed around the idea of bringing new faces to the comp crowd. The class is based on a completely box stock vehicle and those who want to try competing in a class with equal peers. No modifications will be allowed outside the rules and manufacturers parts.

The class will use all USRCCA/ORVA rules for the already existing 2.2 class trucks with exceptions to some. In a case where the rules conflict then the 2.2RS will be used. If it’s not written in either rule set that you can do it then you can’t. If you want to do something to your truck and it’s not written to be allowable then it’s probably not going to be. We suggest all questions be pointed here before so to avoid any DQ’s or problems come comp day.

This is a class meant to bring the grassroots back into the hobby/sport while helping with cost control for entry level drivers and vehicles. This is to bring the playing field level without the need for a bunch modifications needed. Pure practice and fun is all you are gonna need for this class.


Complete Rules and Printable version available here:

2.2RS Ready Stock Rule Set – Printable Version



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