-1 MTC2/R Braced Arms

It may seem like we’re late to the game with these. We aren’t. Late to production by our standards but if you have been following us you know why. With moving and getting the machines set back up its taken a little time.

We actually had these in the test stage before our move. There was about a have dozen sets out there. The big push was from these guys to get them made but they were keeping quiet they had them.

These are the same braced arms we came to market with originally. Same quality carbon fiber but these narrow the track width 1mm per side.

Improved rotation on technical tracks and more responsive to driver input were just a few of the gains drivers saw. High bite tracks can really benefit from the improved response time to direction changes. And we made them easily identifiable by adding a small thru hole in each arm. Tucked over by the shock mounting screws, there’s no worry about mixing them up on a car.

Browse on over to our shop to check them out. https://www.krazedbuilds.com/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=49_33

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