We R’ We?!

Where did we come from?

Well it all started back in 2007 when we stumbled across rock crawling. Thought about it, looked at it, thought some more about it then figured ya sure its slow but what the hell. After a couple seasons of carnage, reading, watching, building and more carnage we walked away with our first Season Title in 2011. After switching rigs for 2012 we were able to back that up with a State Championship Title followed by another Season Title, Triple Crown Title and multiple wins across New England for the following years. Ya this rock crawling thing may have gotten us.

Why did we start making parts?

Its simple  – we had a machine sitting there making small parts for racing. Racing? Ya we do that too but with a head still full of ideas the rock crawling world is where we’re at. So out came the drawings and notes ….. aka napkins and sharpies …. and we decided to make something out of nothing. Plus it would be cool to look at a truck and say ‘Hey we made that.’

Whats our Goal?

We don’t have one of those fancy business plans or people looking over our shoulder waiting for the next hot seller. We’ve got ideas, We’ve got tools, We’ve got electricity and We’ve got the mind set to bring things people need. Whats our 5 year plan you may be wondering? Ok so you’re not but here it is ….. To have a bigger catalog of parts and hear some good stories about how something we made helped someone else.

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