Need more steering – LOSI

So working through our build up to a sporty truck we decided to go back to our roots a little and use the Losi Night Crawler. We scored a great deal on a RTR from a shop going out of business. Really all we needed was a truck for measurements and axles for our creation.

First thing was to figure out how to get more steering from this. Stock from the factory this rig had boasted zero ackerman steering providing 45 degrees of steering. That was awesome back then but these days the game has stepped up so much it just wasn’t gonna cut it.

Digging through threads of information on I found an old mod that use to be sold. It would take the XR10 front universals, chubs and knuckles. The problem now though was the kit was sold over two years ago and anyone who has them aren’t looking to let them go so whats next? Digging some more we found another thread showing what we were beginning to think.

Onto the internet we went and ordered ourselves up some Axial Wraith axle tubes – AR60. Our intentions were to take the knurled ends and adapt them onto the Losi axle. And that’s what we did.

So here you see our donor axle and the stock Losi

And we see our AR60 taped off where we will cut it.

Using a 15/32 drill bit we drilled into the AR60 knub – drilling towards the knurls we only went about even to where the knurls started. This would leave us plenty of plastic for the c-hubs. You also need to sand down the two ears that the stock Losi c-hubs attach to. Doing all this gives us a nice snug fit.

So hurdle #1 accomplished …….. we have our Losi-XR front axle together. Next was finding a way to bring the universals into this. More on that later.


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