JConcept Turf Nationals

Excited and Nervous is how I think we feel for the JConcept Turf Nationals. We took the whole week off from work for this one and cant wait for Tuesday to start practicing. Ya its home court advantage for us and the shop always puts on a great show but this isnt a local club race we are going to.

We are gonna be going up against some of the current biggest names in Off Road Turf racing. Rubbing elbows and standing on the same drivers stand as National and Worlds winning drivers. There could very well be some fan boying going on this weekend.

But the two best things of it all, we will be hanging out with great friends and not be at our normal full time jobs. Its time to race, laugh, heckle and just enjoy the hobby.

The B64.4F’s are gonna be in the field and looking to make their challenge known. We have a national oval racer Steve Fiume whos been running the car since virtually the beginning. We got our team loaner car going into the hands of Putnam Propulsions Todd Putnam himself, he always brings the speed with him and this cars always performed for us. Super excited to have Justin Walts driving one of these as well especially after taking 3rd place in 4wd at the Schumacher Turf race just a few weeks prior. Talent patience and speed all wrapped up in these guys, its gonna be a fun week.

Even if you dont race off road or turf at all we think you’re gonna want to spectate this weekend. Their is going to be some incredible drivers putting everything on the line for a title.

You can find more information here: http://www.jconcepts.net/events/jconcepts-outdoor-turf-nationals


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