.4F for now ……

Let us begin by saying there’s always something to create when you have quiet machines. With that thinking in our heads we are constantly looking for things that intrigue us, things that push us to explore new areas. We found it with it we are opening the door the our Project57 section of shop.

Little back history for us. Project57 is our side shop, well not really a side shop but more of an area where we do our side work. Its an area our minds float in with the ‘whats cool’ and the ‘we need to make something’ while we work on special projects for others. This area has actually brought us some of our own product and best sellers, our own Un-Stuck chassis line came out of here. Project57 has been a spot also where we have gotten together with other designers and even helped them get their own product made. Project57 is really the place that lets our passion for the hobby come to life.

So with that passion we started working on a new idea. We’re not gonna let too much out there just yet but we will leave you with a few spy shots and a little info.

Lets just say 4wd … Popular car … Conversion kit … More to come as we get our test cars together and on the track. More pictures to come in the next few weeks.

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