2017 ‘Enyo’ SK Chassis Kit – Approved

With the 2017 Summer closing in on colder temps our anticipation turns to going indoors for some carpet circles. Couple seasons ago we released our first SK Oval car with series approval and called it the Joker. The car took us through a few prototypes before getting approved and showed it was fast for the track.

Well like a lot of the projects we work on this one was no exception. Being the type of person who thinks 3 steps in advance before the first one is done we went back to our notes fast. Being the test driver for the program I can say I had a lot of things under the body that I played with all season long. From front sway bars to various rear axle setups, I love to tinker and learn what ever I can along the way.

So what did we change on the 2017? First was its name, not that the Joker was a bad one but we needed something new. At first glance the two cars may look the same and they should. We worked from our original Joker design but trust us when we say there’s differences.

First we started with the front end, a scrubbed front can cost ya lap times. Sticking with the proven Associated Dynamic front end we moved our measurements a bit to give what we believe is improved LF weight and help with cross weight percentages. We also widened the chassis out at the next area to help stiffen it up a bit. With many tracks going to the, or already running, the black carpet with increased traction we believe a little less flex can help bring consistency to the cars. We dont need that flex as much now as the old ozite carpet. Oh and we added an adjustable servo slot on one side, even we didn’t understand why we used one set of holes.

Next we moved onto the T-plate and rear pod. Last season one of the test cars I drove had a few different adjustments available in this area and I played with all of them. While I wont go too much into specifics or my theories on it I will say I was very pleased with what I found in them. We were able to work these two sweet spots into the chassis and still give the rear pod adjustments enabling you to keep some LR/RR balance.

What else did we do? We kept things simple for drivers wanting to cross over from our Joker or drivers wanting to build fresh. We stuck with the popular and history of quality parts, Hyperdrive pods and other aluminum pieces. We have no direct association with them but in all the years they have always been a company with quality parts. Plus they’re anodized a sick red 🙂

So with all that mentioned in changes, and what we didnt want to bore you with, it only seemed fitting to give it the name ‘Enyo’. Bringing things around to Greek Mythology we thought the name fit well being the Goddess of War and Destruction, we really believe her to be something to bring wins around your track.

Enough talk though how about some pictures for drooling over. Material is on its way and inventory will be coming soon.



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