Krazed Builds 2.2S Pneuma Chassis

Krazed Builds Pneuma 2.2S Chassis – Release! We’ve done quite a bit of testing and taken all the notes and feed back we have gotten over the years and put them into our next generation of sporty chassis. All the success from our Gen2 and our early portal design chassis come together in this version. … Read more Krazed Builds 2.2S Pneuma Chassis

Bob Briere

Location: Connecticut Nickname: Robbob Owner/Operator: Krazed Builds Years in Hobby: 30+ Year started Rock Crawling: 2007 Other R/C interests: Touring Car Racing 4wd Offroad Racing 12th Scale Racing Oval Racing Rock Crawling Accomplishments: 3rd Place – 2018 Rock Crawling Championship Nationals (Maine) 3rd Place – 2017 New England National Championship (Pennsylvania) 1st Place – 2017 … Read more Bob Briere

Adam Nerby

Location: Wisconsin Years Rock Crawling: 5 Vehicle: un-Stuck Gen2 2.2S Rock Crawling Accomplishments: 2nd – 2016 North East National Championship 2.2S (Pennsylvania) 3rd – 2017 North East National Championship 2.2S (Pennsylvania) 2nd – 2018 East Coast Championship 2.2S (Tennessee) 1st – 2018 Roack Crawling National Championship 2.2S (Maine)   Other Hobbies and Interests: Hunting Fishing Avid … Read more Adam Nerby