Conversion kit for Associated B64 4wd car kit.

Take your B64 kit to another level with our kit. Sitting down looking at the trend of 4wd cars and designs we wanted to do something not new but different for an existing race winning kit. Borrowing ideas from a few other kits we knew it could be done. Different tracks and different driver styles can always use different things and we believe this kit helps bring another to the drivers hand. 

Important Note: This Kit is intended for a Slipper Center Gear - Will NOT work with Center Diff Gear!

If you want to use a center gear diff you will have to purchase the long center bone from Hot Bodies seperately. Part# HB204362

Whats included:

Completely Designed and CNC machined in house.

2.2mm 7075 T6 Aluminum

2mm Carbon Fiber Lower Spines - Less flex front to back, more controllable landings.

Battery placed Left and Forward - more forward weight for on power steering increasing exit speeds, less pitch correction when in the air.

7075 Aluminum Center shafts both front and rear.

2mm Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Upper Deck - Reduce springy feeling in mid chassis giving smoother Torsional twist and steering feel.

2.5mm Carbon Fiber Adjustable Steering Bellcrank - 16/18/20mm locations to adjust feel for different traction conditions.

New Servo Mounts.

Carbon Fiber Battery hold down.

All screw hardware included. 

100% Made in the USA

Whats Needed: 

Complete B64 kit - you will need the front/slipper/rear gear, suspension assemblies and existing hardware.


Forward weight bias for increased front traction.

Increase mid to exit corner speeds from less weight transfer rearward.

Smoother weight transfer on corner entry decreasing the sudden front dive.

Less pitch correction in air when jumping. Stay smoother on landing to get back to the throttle quicker.

Better balance left to right - able to achieve a 50/50 front to rear and cross corner weight

Lighter Chassis - 30grams less then complete stock chassis with plastic sides. 

7075 Aluminum center shafts for less rotating weight in the drivetrain. Can still use the MIP Aluminum drivetrain parts to the wheels for even less rotating mass.

Must use stock slipper setup.


You will need the stock rear body mount left in its normal location , the front will need to use velcro or trim the stock body mount down 1/8''.

When mounting new bodies you will want to leave the sides long until mounted. Dont trim on body lines, this may leave them too short. 

Due to the right side steering bellcrank you will need to be sure it clears the body when turned, may need to cut a little extra in this area on certain bodies. 

Bodies that fit:

Stock (new) B64

Xray 2018 XB4

Proline Elite Lite Weight EB410


Kit Instructions <- click link for picture instructions.

Video on carpet:

RC Madness - Indoor Carpet

Blog write up:

Insight into our B64.4F

Direct link to Hot Bodies D418 center bone:

Hot Bodies D418

Amain Hobbies D418


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Associated B64.4F Conversion Kit

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